Welcome to Fierce First Aid - on a mission to pull First Aid training out of the compliance box-tick with awesome training.

No more freezing or flapping. No more floppy First Aiders. Confident, competent, and calm.

"I have done many first aid courses over the years but Emma was particularly good at getting over to students the importance of the seriousness and the speed of decision making required in life threatening situations, but has a great way of doing this in both an engaging and fun way."

- Jeremy, Leicester

Not sure what sort of training your organisation needs? Hop on over to the HSE for guidance here (takes you to a separate site, just so you know).

There are some brilliant resources for organisations, employers, and employees out there - HSE is a great place to start - it's really accessible and concise. You can also see UK Resuscitation Council guidelines on CPR/AED training here (another separate site - get on down those rabbit holes on these sites - it's fascinating and SO useful)

Browse the range of Fierce First Aid courses available here or drop me a line via the contact form - I'd love a chat to work out the best way to get you and your team trained up.

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