Let's start with the obvious. This site, in fact my whole business ethic, is built to pull the right people in and deter those I'm not appealing to. If I was looking for the big bucks I'd be selling out, creating a model which appealed to the most paying customers and raking in the cash. Right? I'm not interested. I want you to work with me because you are interested in my madness. You are drawn to my chaotic, frenetic approach to my jolly little life and you can feel the warmth of my personality through a computer screen. If you want a straight laced take on First Aid, go to a corporate version of me. They're everywhere and we all cost the same.

This filters through into my training. I am honest about the reality of First Aid and I throw it at my learners with gusto, giving them the tools to attack situations which horrify them, to process what just happened, and to feel empowered in their understanding.



If you can't tell already, I'm passionate about my work. I want my delegates to leave feeling they've been in the company of someone who actually cares whether they can cope in sticky situations. I make myself and my methods memorable with a view to sticking in minds and keeping skills accessible. 


Finding ways to get information across which appeals to the individual in front of me is exhilarating to me. Everyone in any given training room has a different way they need me to fulfill their learning needs.


Questions are brilliant. Being interested enough to ask a question makes you invested in the answer and intrigued to know more. I'm so excited when learners ask questions. I ask them ALL the time.

I love an adventure. Everything can be an adventure. Curiosity and excitement spark interest and make learning accidental. Boredom brings daydreams and wasted opportunity.