Blended Courses

I don't offer these. Ever.

You're wasting your money. They aren't good enough.

I work freelance for bigger training organisations than my own and go to enormous companies to teach their staff. I am sick to the teeth of turning up to run the practical day of a blended course THE DAY AFTER the delegates have completed their e-learn only to find they've taken absolutely none of it in. None. They look at me blankly when I try and recap with them what should be the foundation of their knowledge.

Be honest with yourself. When was the last time you participated in an e-learning exercise with your full attention turned towards it? I certainly don't. They bore me silly.

This stuff is important. Arguably life and death, this course material, certainly in a number of sectors. Care, for example. Child care. Domiciliary care. Support work. People who work with vulnerable members of our society who are ill-equipped to sort themselves out if something goes wrong. Sudden illness is common in these areas and those who work in them should have a bloody good grasp of First Aid and be seriously confident in using their knowledge in an emergency. No? An e-learn is enough, is it? Is it fuck. Frankly, a bog standard face-to-face First Aid course isn't enough. Oh wait, according to the HSE and the CQC and and can just tick that box, suddenly be compliant, and as if by magic your staff are completely ready to deal with any First Aid emergency that careers their way like a wayward articulated lorry on sheet ice.

If you want an e-learn, go somewhere else. We will not work well together.

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